Living your life according to your own rules

As a women, we are faced with many challenges. We are constantly being told how to live our lives. As a women you should be able to make your own decisions that will benefit you and lead you towards your own success without being scared of being judged. 

As a woman in the HR environment, I have my own challenges. I am not respected by my male counterparts and they don't trust the decisions I make - which is frustrating considering that we are all equal. But I have shown them that I am a strong woman and I am fully capable of doing my job without being monitored or second guessed. I have learnt how to stand-up for myself and embrace my womanhood. I didn't get my current job by chance but my manager saw that I had passion and the willingness to learn, which are important elements that anyone needs in order to be successful in their own career fields or any other aspects of their lives.

Without passion, you won't have the desire to achieve beyond your limits and without the willingness to learn you won't have any interest to learn more about yourself and what you can achieve. A woman with those two basic elements is a force to be reckoned with - a simple #GirlBoss.


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